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Flynn childcare DA: Liberals response

After the ACT Government’s announcement that they would call-in the Flynn childcare development application, the Liberals made the following statement:

Flynn residents gagged and not welcome in own backyard

Government officials sent the strongest message yet that Flynn residents are not welcome at their former school and community centre when they banned Flynn community members from speaking at an event to which they were invited on Wednesday 11 May.

Time to bring back a school at Flynn

With the local coffers so full that Andrew Barr can give away $23 million of ACT ratepayers money to a Sydney football team, now is the time to bring back a school and community centre at Flynn. We pulled in our belts during the days of horror budgets; but now that we can afford $650,000 […]

More Barr-spin to try to justify school closures

Education Minister Andrew Barr (‘It’s back to public schools for the ACT’ – 27 March in the Canberra Times) has once again called on the spin doctor to try to justify his mass school closures from 2006 to 2008. Once again the numbers don’t stack up and its clear the government school sector continues to […]

Data show a good education at Flynn

Misleading claims … In a Legislative Assembly inquiry: THE CHAIR: I read a number of submissions by Flynn, Tharwa and Hall parents. The question is: did you ever receive any complaints from these parents and these students saying that they were not getting good educational outcomes? From the submissions I have read, they actually were […]

Nine months on – school closures still cut deep

Since the closure of our local Primary School, our son Andrew (not real name) has been riding his bike a much longer distance to another school. On his ride recently, two teenagers smashed a bottle near him, picked up large pieces of the bottle chased him and threatened to get him. Fortunately he was able […]

Flynn welcomes ACT-wide support

Flynn Primary P&C Association thanks the local community and P&C groups from across the ACT for getting behind its legal challenge of the Towards 2020 school closure decision and process. Flynn has been buoyed by the strength of this support as it heads into the Supreme Court from October. “The level of community support suggests […]

Flynn presses ahead

Flynn Primary P&C Association is expecting to press ahead over coming months with legal action in the Supreme Court to challenge the Towards 2020 school closure decision and process. Following the generous support of P&C Associations, individuals and organisations across Canberra, Flynn has raised the $50,000 required as security before the proceedings can commence. As […]

‘Bulldozers’ beat a path to Flynn

Earth moving machinery working close to Flynn Primary School raised blood pressure this week for residents fighting to keep a school and community centre in Flynn. The presence of the machinery follows persistent rumours that Flynn’s only community facility was ‘sold’ last year for a medium density townhouse development and it comes soon after Flynn […]

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