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National Trust (ACT) reservations for ACT Government education reform

The National Trust welcomes the response by the ACT Government to continue using the heritage listed schools at Hall and Tharwa for educational purposes, but it is still very concerned over the future of the Flynn School.

P&C welcomes Chief Minister’s Flynn school commitment

Flynn Primary School P&C Association has welcomed a commitment from the Chief Minister Jon Stanhope to retain the Flynn Primary School facility and grounds.

Transcript: Chief Minister’s talkback, ABC 666

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope discusses the future of Flynn Primary School on talkback radio on 16 October 2009. In response to questions from a caller, he states his expectation that the school building and grounds will be heritage listed, and he makes a commitment to retain the school building and grounds.

Flynn Primary School meets criteria for heritage listing

There’s good news for those interested in conserving the heritage of Flynn Primary School, Preschool and grounds.
Flynn Primary School and grounds meet the threshold criteria for heritage listing, according to a 4 September letter from The Chief Minister and Minister for Heritage.

Flynn Primary School in 2009

Entrance to Flynn Primary School 2009
Photographs of Flynn Primary School in 2009, showing the landscape setting for the school and details of Taglietti’s architecture.

Progress on the Flynn heritage study

This document reports the progress on the comparative assessment of Flynn Primary School and other Taglietti buildings, as conducted by the Australian Institute of Architects (report dated 13 March 2009).

National Trust concerned about the future of the former Flynn Primary School

The ACT National Trust has released a media statement outlining its concerns about the Flynn Primary School building.

Flynn’s heritage study: terms of reference

The terms of reference of a comparative study into Flynn’s heritage are now public.

Flynn Primary School in 1974

Photographs of Flynn Primary School in 1974, showing many of the striking features of Taglietti’s architecture – the angular, poured concrete walls; deep overhanging wood-panelled eaves and the use of drainage pots as an alternative to conventional guttering and downpipes. Photos by architect Enrico Taglietti, 1974.

Stateline report: Back to Flynn School

Enrico Taglietti discusses Flynn Primary School's heritage
Architect Enrico Taglietti’s support for the Flynn Primary School and community centre was highlighted in an ABC Stateline story tonight (Friday 29 May).

Images from Flynn

Angles on the textured concrete walls


Flynn grounds

Landscape setting & grounds

Enrico Taglietti visting the school he designed

History and design

Memorial to John Flynn

Memorial to John Flynn