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Flynn hopes this is not another ‘insultation’ process

The consultation process for the future use of closed school sites is shaping up as another “insultation” process, according to the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association.

“The process put forward this week appears to be a two-stage ‘insultation’ particularly for those communities most damaged by the school closures,” said Flynn Primary P&C President, Roger Nicoll.

“We are appalled that communities that have already lost their local schools will apparently have to stand and watch as their community assets are carved up and possibly sold-off. Communities suffering the most should have the greatest say in what happens at their school site.”

Strong support and recommendations for a longer timeframe and greater community control of the outcomes was put forward at a stakeholder briefing last week, but the government appears to have disregarded that advice and ploughed on with a prescriptive approach, according to Mr Nicoll.

The consultants, Purdon Associates, have advised that they have scheduled district (regional) meetings in the week commencing 24 September. Community information sessions are booked in for late October and late November.

Purdons have advised that some sessions will not be held in the local communities but will allow community members to travel to a building and view and comment on options and plans that are displayed on the walls.

It’s highly insulting that communities like Flynn may get to only view and comment on plans that are drip-fed from government and district levels but may have no relevance to Flynn. It would be much better for communities that have been working on local solutions for many months to take the running, as suggested.

“It is unfortunate that the Government appears to be proceeding with the consultation for Flynn when there is legal action in progress in the Supreme Court. Any such consultation with Flynn can be a hypothetical only and could be a complete waste of time and money if legal action leads to the
school re-opening.

Flynn joins with Save Our Schools in the hope that there is still time to amend the process to something that is more inclusive and that will produce better community outcomes and support.

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