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Flynn sets sights on $50,000 for school closure challenge

Flynn parents and citizens today called on Canberrans to fight for the future of schools and communities by ‘chipping in’ to support an important legal challenge of school closures.

Following a hearing in the ACT Supreme Court today, the Flynn Primary Parents and Citizens Association has until 23 July to raise the lion’s share of $50,000 or forfeit its opportunity to fight the 2006 closure of Flynn Primary School, according to Association President, Roger Nicoll. “The ACT Supreme Court today disallowed (TBA) a bid by ACT Government solicitors to secure $23,000 previously raised by the Flynn P&C in addition to the $50,000 to be lodged with the Court as security”, Mr Nicoll said.

“The legal action under the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review Act aims to challenge the closure decision and ideally restore a school and community centre at Flynn, “ Mr Nicoll said. “We understand that the Flynn case may also have wide public interest and appeal as it stands to scrutinise processes and potentially set precedents for future closures or consultations.”

The Flynn community has been working hard to raise about half of the required funds, but it will take further community support to raise the remaining amount for security. Mr Nicoll said.

“We are encouraging Canberrans to register as a Friend of Flynn’ for $10 or make a more substantial donation by contacting the Flynn Fighting Fund hotline on 0404 213 801 or visiting the website: www.saveflynn schools.com.au”

Flynn is holding a fundraising Trivia night tonight at the West Belconnen Leagues Club and the hotline will be open all day for donations. Celebrity prisoner Bill Stefaniak will be locked-up and will rely on callers donations reaching a specified target to secure his release.

“Canberrans have every right to ask why their rates have gone up as much as 50% in the past year, while schools have been shut down and the government runs up a large surplus. In Flynn for example, ratepayers paid $337 or 39% extra rates in 2006-07 while losing the school and only community facility. The added fuel and transport costs for families from closed schools is approximately $1000 to $5000 per year.”

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Flynn grounds

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Memorial to John Flynn