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Flynn welcomes Inquiry into school closures

The Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association today cautiously welcomed news of an Inquiry into school closures, stressing that the Inquiry needs to fully examine the information and processes that led to decisions to close schools.

Flynn P&C President, Roger Nicoll said, “We welcome further investigation into why and how important community schools were closed, because one and two years down the track, ACT communities still haven’t received an adequate explanation for why their schools were listed, let alone closed.”

The terms of reference for the Inquiry have been posted on the ACT Legislative Assembly website under the Standing Committee on Education, Training and Youth Affairs.

”We are pleased to see that the impacts of school closures will now be considered and the consultation process scrutinised by the committee,” Mr Nicoll said.

“It is vital that the committee thoroughly examines the basis and process of decision-making, not only for the benefit of affected communities but also to improve future processes and credibility of government.”

“The re-opening of schools is a matter that the committee should take very seriously because in some cases it may be the best or correct thing to do.”

“For example, if it turns out that schools were closed without a sound basis, unlawfully, erroneously or short sightedly, then it would be appropriate for schools to be re-opened and communities to be adequately compensated.”

“It should be open to the Standing Committee to recommend this, if that is what the investigation shows.”

The Flynn P&C has mounted a Supreme Court legal challenge to the closure of Flynn Primary School. The matter, under the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review Act, is ongoing.

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