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Submissions to the development application for Flynn childcare

The John Flynn Community Group and the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association, and affected residents adjacent to Flynn’s school have lodged submissions in response to the development application for the childcare centre at the school.

The responses identify areas where the government should modify its proposal to comply with the ACT Heritage Guidelines and to better meet the requirements of the Territory Plan.

You can download the responses here:

Summary of recommendations (John Flynn Community Group)

General considerations—Equity and planning

Establish uses at Flynn that provide equity in amenity for Flynn residents to a level comparable with residents in other suburbs. For this development, include conditions in any tenancy agreement with the childcare providers that Flynn residents are given priority for services as places become available (regardless of waiting lists).
Abandon the emphasis on regional services at Flynn Primary School. Instead, work with the local community to develop uses that allow local Flynn needs to be met in a way that ensures consistency with the urban design and layout and the specific setting of the school.

Community consultation

Up-to-date and adequate documentation consistent with government commitments be provided and consulted on to incorporate community feedback before the development proceeds further.

Community and cultural values

The proposal be modified to properly take account of community and cultural values and provide evidence of such. This will require proper and genuine consultation with the Flynn community.

Heritage values

The proposal be modified to properly take full account of heritage values. Proper consideration will need to test and scrutinise the stated views of the ACT Heritage Council (currently in court) and previous processes undertaken by DHCS (currently under investigation).

Landscape values

The proposal be modified to provide clearer information and to properly take account of identified landscape and community use values—including the vista from the NW corner of the site. The approach to parking be reconsidered, including the order of the stages of construction. Every effort should be made to keep construction, parking and any future development away from the NW significant tree. Other significant trees should be retained or replaced.

Internal alterations—demolition

All internal alterations cease and be assessed as part of this development application. Any works already commenced should not be permitted to influence the assessment of this development application.

Internal alterations to be sensitive and reversible

All internal alterations to maintain the hierarchy of spaces—valuing the large open spaces and the smaller adjoining spaces—or be completely reversible. Significant features to be retained or stored securely.

Internal significant features to be retained or restored

The proposal be modified to avoid damage to the four identified significant features.

Retain and protect external walls

The proposal be modified to be consistent with ACT Heritage Guidelines.

Roofline of the proposed new link building

The proposal be modified to reduce the height of this roof to better maintain the character of the existing roofline, in order to be consistent with ACT Heritage Guidelines.


A proper traffic analysis be undertaken and provided to affected residents so they can make a fully informed comment. The current document is inadequate in that regard.

Images from Flynn

Angles on the textured concrete walls


Flynn grounds

Landscape setting & grounds

Enrico Taglietti visting the school he designed

History and design

Memorial to John Flynn

Memorial to John Flynn