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Expect more casualties from Towards 2020 train smash

The announced closure of Flynn Primary School has sent shockwaves through the local community bringing warnings for the Canberra community to brace itself for further fallout and casualties from the Towards 2020 ‘train smash.’

Thousands of supporters of Flynn throughout the suburb and the region remain outraged and in mourning over the imminent loss of its local treasure – Flynn Primary School, according to Flynn Parents and Citizens Association, President, Lesley-Anne Stevens.

“It is a sad day for democracy when, a school such as ours is closed against the clear will of the majority and contrary to irrefutable evidence backing its healthy future and viability,” Ms Stevens said. “Flynn submitted a compelling evidence-based case and an unprecedented 741 community comments of support – facts that appear to have been overlooked in the consultation. Flynn has been provided with no reasons for its closure.”

“The closure of Flynn is a travesty of justice and the people of Canberra have the right to know that their favourite school, community facility or service will probably be next.”

“Schools like Flynn are sacrificial lambs on the altar of the Stanhope Government’s big spending on its big monument schools at West Belconnen and now Kambah. This big spending is an outrageous insult to schools like Flynn that are the fabric that knits Canberra together. Unfortunately big is not always beautiful and the latest Pentium computers will not replace the care, sense of belonging and quality of education children experience at schools like Flynn.”

“Every ACT ratepayer should be concerned that each year they pay much higher rates to support the Stanhope Government’s insatiable appetite for overspending on monuments while essential public services like schools, libraries and health services continue to be axed against the community’s will.”

“There is not even a suggestion that democracy is alive under the Stanhope Government’s majority government. The people of Canberra must now awaken from their sleep and fight to restore democracy at the earliest opportunity. I encourage people to join the fight for Flynn so they are not next on the list”

“By keeping a preschool open at Flynn, the Government has ironically conceded that Flynn has the booming birth rates and the students numbers to support a viable school. Tragically, few families will want to go to the preschool if it is not co-located with an excellent school. It is inevitable more schools in NW Belconnen are will close because Flynn families are struggling to identify any school offering what Flynn has. Unfortunately, if Flynn does close, there is going to be a massive leakage of students and social capital from the NW Belconnen region and significant loss to private education for those who can afford it.”

The Flynn community today (Thursday) celebrates 33 years of excellent community education and community building at the Flynn Festival at the Primary School from 4.30–9.00 pm. Earlier in the day, Flynn children sang their hearts out for the city near the Legislative Assembly.

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Angles on the textured concrete walls


Flynn grounds

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Enrico Taglietti visting the school he designed

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Memorial to John Flynn

Memorial to John Flynn