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Flynn Schools viable for many years to come

Flynn is undergoing a baby-boom and renewal of the suburb’s school-age population that will ensure its Primary and Pre-Schools remain viable and in-demand for many years to come, according to the preliminary results of a suburb-wide survey, released today.

Speaking at a Community Wellbeing celebration at Flynn Primary School today, Flynn Primary P&C President, Lesley-Anne Stevens said, “The Flynn survey confirms a baby-boom of significant proportions and strong regeneration of the suburb across school and pre-school-age ranges that will result in a steady increase in student numbers at the schools.”

With 75% of the suburb’s responses processed, there are already 50 babies of less than a year, 25% higher than at the time of the 2001 Census. Based on theses results, Flynn’s baby population is expected to be almost 70 – almost double the number in the suburb at the 2001 Census. The results also show that Flynn may well have 16% more children from 0–11 years of age than at the 2001 Census.

“Unprompted, 70 residents commented that they have moved into the suburb recently, some of them specifically because of the reputation of Flynn Primary and Pre-schools,” said Ms Stevens.

“So far, 80% of residents said they disapproved of the proposal to close the school, a further 17% said they didn’t have enough information to agree or disagree and 3% of residents supported the proposal.”

Unprompted, Flynn residents cited the following reasons for their disapproval of the proposal:

  • Flynn needs its only community facility – 29% of residents
  • disapproval of government’s approach and the consultation process – 26% of residents
  • Flynn is experiencing renewal of children and young people – 24% of residents
  • believe Flynn’s school size is appropriate and effective – 16% of residents.

Members of the school community, residents and the local Neighbourhood Watch rallied behind the schools to help conduct the survey using rigorous procedures and methodology. Many of these residents and community groups involved in the life of the schools took part in the Community Wellbeing Day that included the annual Men ‘N’ Kids breakfast, ladies breakfast, games, activities and wellbeing expo.

Flynn’s population regeneration, educational outcomes and social impact were among the key strengths of the case presented by Flynn representatives to Education Minister Andrew Barr today.

Speaking about Flynn’s strong case, Ms Stevens said, “Flynn enjoys a strong in-suburb loyalty but is also becoming a school of choice for many families in the local region. We presented the Education Minister with a plan to build upon Flynn’s strengths to achieve an educationally stronger and more cost effective public education sector in NW Belconnen.”

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