John Flynn Community Group

The John Flynn Community Group was formed in early 2007 to promote the use of the Flynn school and grounds as a community centre. It was a direct response to the community losing access to its only community centre when the school was closed at the end of 2006. The group has also taken the lead in protecting the heritage of the Flynn school and community centre precinct.


  1. Enhance, protect and preserve the environment and character of the suburb of Flynn and adjacent open areas and reserves; and the heritage of Flynn Primary School and George Simpson Park;
  2. Advance the welfare, interests, and general wellbeing of the Flynn community;
  3. Promote, provide, support and arrange for the provision of services at Flynn Primary School to the extent that these services are consistent with objectives (1) and (2)
  4. Provide a forum where members can contribute to the raising, discussion and pursuit of matters of general concern and interest to the Flynn community;
  5. Make representations to government and other parties on behalf of the Flynn community in relation to the objectives of this constitution; and
  6. Affiliate, cooperate with or support the interests of other organisations as would assist in the pursuit of these objectives.

Who can be a member?

Anyone who supports these objectives can be a member if they live in Flynn. People who are former or current students, or parent of carer of a student attending Flynn’s school or preschool.


A proposal for future use: In January 2007, the group met with then-Minister for Urban Services (now TaMS) John Hargreaves MLA, the Belconnen Community Council, Baringa Childcare Centre, and Belconnen Community Services to develop a proposal for community use of the place.  This was the group’s first action, but it was initially sidelined by ACT Government (failed) attempts to redevelop closed schools for housing.

Flynn memorial: An ill-fated  attempt by the Education Minister Andrew Barr to remove the national memorial to the Reverend John Flynn in 2007 led the community to come together for its restoration several months later. This episode led to a broader effort to document Flynn’s heritage and the group expanding it’s aims to include protecting heritage.

Heritage nomination: The John Flynn Community Group lodged a heritage nomination on behalf of the Flynn community in December 2007. The nomination had the support of Flynn’s other community groups, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the National Trust, the Australian Institute of Architects, the Presbyterian Church, the Architecture Faculty of the University of Canberra, and former Chief Minister Gary Humphries. After several legal battles, the ACT Government has said it now recognises Flynn’s heritage and will protect it.

Incorporation: In mid-2010, the John Flynn Community Group was established as an incorporated association on the advice of ACT Government representatives in discussions about the proposal for community use.

Planning for community use: The John Flynn Community Group is involved in deliberations about the use of the site as a community centre with a themes of supporting the local Flynn community.

Images from Flynn

Angles on the textured concrete walls


Flynn grounds

Landscape setting & grounds

Enrico Taglietti visting the school he designed

History and design

Memorial to John Flynn

Memorial to John Flynn