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Now for the ‘truth’ about school closures

Canberrans outraged by yesterday’s revelation that schools did not need to close have the opportunity to press the ACT Government to fully account for those closures through legal action in the ACT Supreme Court, announced today by the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association.

Speaking on the anniversary of the release of Towards 2020, President of the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association, Roger Nicoll said:

“School closures have been totally devastating for families and communities, so now that it is clear that there was no financial imperative, people want to know – well what were the closures based upon?”

“So far the Government has managed to block access to the Costello Report and many other documents requested through Freedom of Information, and they have opposed further release in this week’s AAT appeal by Kathleen Barden and Vicki Dunne. The Flynn legal action may be the last opportunity to find out the truth, before Cabinet documents are released in 6 years time.”

The ACT Government has indicated that it wants Flynn to put up $50,000 to cover its costs, or a much higher amount if full discovery of all relevant documents is sought”, according to Mr Nicoll.

“The Flynn community is working hard to raise all the funds it can by June 18 but we need the help of other Canberrans who want to know the truth and want to see accountability in Government.”

“Flynn’s legal challenge is not just a fight for Flynn but for all Canberrans who see their rates go up each year while the Government strips away schools, libraries, community land, and services. It is a fight for all those who have been or will be in a similar situation.”

The legal challenge under the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review (ADJR) Act is expected to test whether or not the ACT Government acted legally and in accordance with due process in closing the Flynn Primary School.

“Today we are calling on every Canberran who values accountability of government, to get behind the fight for Flynn and for our communities.”

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