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Stateline report: Back to Flynn School

Enrico Taglietti discusses Flynn Primary School's heritage
Architect Enrico Taglietti’s support for the Flynn Primary School and community centre was highlighted in an ABC Stateline story tonight (Friday 29 May).

Flynn welcomes Barr admission – schools were closed without a social impact study

Flynn Primary School P&C today welcomed Education Minister Andrew Barr’s admission to the Assembly inquiry on School Closures that he closed schools without a sound analysis of social impacts.

Flynn P&C submission to the school closures inquiry

Flynn Primary School was a popular and healthy neighbourhood school and community centre before it was closed in 2006. The Flynn P&C believes the school and community resource centre were wrongfully closed and that remedial action is needed. Opening the school and community centre at Flynn can be justified on the basis of righting past wrongs, but and equally strong case comes from considering the best way forward.

Flynn forced to drop school closure legal challenge

Pressure tactics on the eve of the Inquiry into school closures have forced the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association to drop its long-running legal challenge against the Stanhope Government’s closure of Flynn Primary School.

Flynn welcomes Inquiry into school closures

The Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association today cautiously welcomed news of an Inquiry into school closures, stressing that the Inquiry needs to fully examine the information and processes that led to decisions to close schools.

Education Act to be amended

ACT Greens, Meredith Hunter, tabled a bill in the Legislative Assembly to amend the school closure provisions of the Education Act, saying that “any decision to close, amalgamate, or consider closing a government school are made in a rigorous, thoughtful and transparent manner

The great school sell-off: schools closed for the land

An article on the Save our Schools website shows the evidence for the Stanhope Government closing schools to sell off the land. The value of Flynn’s land is mentioned as targeting the preschool for closure as early as 1998.

Now for the ‘truth’ about school closures

Canberrans outraged by yesterday’s revelation that schools did not need to close have the opportunity to press the ACT Government to fully account for those closures through legal action in the ACT Supreme Court, announced today by the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association.

John Flynn Community @ BCC

This month at the Belconnen Community Council Forum: Adam McEvoy, co-ordinator of the John Flynn Community Group, will present a proposal for community use of the Flynn Primary School, in the event it cannot be used as a school.

Expect more casualties from Towards 2020 train smash

The announced closure of Flynn Primary School has sent shockwaves through the local community bringing warnings for the Canberra community to brace itself for further fallout and casualties from the Towards 2020 ‘train smash.’ Thousands of supporters of Flynn throughout the suburb and the region remain outraged and in mourning over the imminent loss of […]

Images from Flynn

Angles on the textured concrete walls


Flynn grounds

Landscape setting & grounds

Enrico Taglietti visting the school he designed

History and design

Memorial to John Flynn

Memorial to John Flynn