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Urgent call after sixth large tree hacked down at Flynn

Entrance to Flynn Primary School 2009The sixth large tree illegally hacked down at Flynn Primary School site over the past week has brought further calls for the ACT government to restore security and take urgent steps to protect the site.

Flynn calls for action following tree-cutting vandalism

Sawn-off plane tree at Flynn Primary SchoolFlynn residents have called on the ACT Government to fast-track Flynn’s proposal for a multi-use community centre at Flynn following the latest spate of vandalism at the site – the felling of large and significant trees over recent days.

P&C welcomes Chief Minister’s Flynn school commitment

Flynn Primary School P&C Association has welcomed a commitment from the Chief Minister Jon Stanhope to retain the Flynn Primary School facility and grounds.

Lights, alarms back on at Flynn school

Flynn Primary School’s external lights and the internal alarms have been restored as of last night. The Flynn community hopes this will reduce the level of vandalism.

Neighbourhood watch: April 2009

The next meeting for Flynn Neighbourhood Watch is 7:30pm Wednesday 16 April 2009 (a week later than usual)

Neighbourhood watch: March 2009

Next meeting for Flynn Neighbourhood Watch is: 7:30pm Wednesday 11 March 2009 at the Ginninderra Labor Club.

Neighbourhood watch: February 2009

Next meeting for Flynn Neighbourhood Watch is at
7:30pm Wednesday 11 February 2009, Ginninderra Labor Club

Neighbourhood Watch: December 2008

A special thanks to all our newsletter distributors and those who have helped out in any way with Flynn Neighbourhood Watch during 2008. We have no meeting in December or January, and our next meeting will be in February.

Images from Flynn

Angles on the textured concrete walls


Flynn grounds

Landscape setting & grounds

Enrico Taglietti visting the school he designed

History and design

Memorial to John Flynn

Memorial to John Flynn